Zodiacs Who Need to Eliminate Disruptors to Their Personal Harmony

Those that are ruining your life should be cut ties as soon as possible. To reiterate, you are under no obligation to them.  

Leo  Being a loyal sign, you would only consider ending a relationship with a loved someone as a final option.  

You shouldn't think twice once you get to that point, though. You need to stop finding reasons to keep this person around. 

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Sign of Libra  Distancing oneself from someone with whom you have a history can be difficult, even when you feel strongly about doing the right thing. 

You are under no legal obligation to this individual, notwithstanding whatever feelings of duty you may have toward them. 

Species of Scorpio  Find contentment within yourself. You should be happy. Do yourself a favor and let yourself be loved and valued.  

You must cease deceiving yourself into thinking that perhaps you are deserving of dealing with someone as vicious as this person. 

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