Your Expectations Regarding Uranus Stationing Direct

A major turning point will be marked in 2024 when, for the first time, all the planets are in a direct alignment. 

In August of 2023, the planet of oddballs and unexpected shifts, Uranus, went retrograde in the lush Taurus zodiac sign.  

Since then, there has been a heightened focus on our connections to banks, values, cuisine, luxury, and money.  

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But since May 15, 2018, Uranus has been transiting Taurus, a sign in which it isn't quite at home. 

Uranus is all about speed and upending the natural order, whereas Taurus is all about doing things the old-fashioned manner. 

No matter how much we plant, not all of it will bear fruit for quite some time. 

They're inherently at odds with one other.  Wealth, stability, and long-term security are the hallmarks of a Taurus's life. 

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