Who Among the Zodiac's January Signs Will Learn Patience First?

Regardless of our political leanings, this is a time when patience is urged upon us.  

Cancer  Sign Like a slow-blooming flower, the early days of February teach Taurus patience with each petal that opens. 

During this time, you may be working on personal projects or on the verge of a professional breakthrough.  

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Species of Scorpio You, Scorpio, will have to ride the emotional highs and lows of early February. 

Sitting with your own and other people's emotions is a challenge during this time, as is peeling back the layers of your quick reactions.  

Capricorn  The beginning of February could test your commitment, Capricorn, because you are known for your unyielding ambition. 

You shouldn't be surprised if the things you've planned don't materialize as quickly as you'd anticipated. 

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