The 7 Worst American Foods

his Southern treat—chocolate-truffle-like spheres of bourbon-infused dark chocolate with chopped nuts and powdered sugar—is hard to dislike.

This dessert pasta salad is popular among Mormons. The Italian peppercorn pasta, called acini di pepe, is small and spherical like frogs' eyes. 

Utica, upstate New York calls rigatoni "riggies". This dish combines pasta with spicy tomato-cream sauce, chicken breast, and cherry peppers. Actually, it sounds good.

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This dish of chicken pieces in a cream sauce with mushrooms, bell peppers, possibly peas and carrots, and (originally) truffles, invented by a Philadelphia hotel cook named William King in the 1890s, has comfort-food appeal but little else.

This chef's salad, invented in western Pennsylvania in the mid-1960s, consists of lettuce, ham, chicken, steak, and cheese with French fries and ranch dressing. 

 The TasteAtlas study likely disliked the canned variety sold in this country, which has beans in sweet, starchy tomato sauce and few meat pieces, usually fatty salt pork.

Taro root or corm pulp is a Polynesian staple, especially in Hawaii. It is vitamin A-rich, easily digested, and heavy in carbohydrates and low in fat.

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