Top 7 novice dog owner blunders

You can't change a dog's personality, so if you want to watch Netflix and chill and don't like going out in all weather, a Border Collie or Golden Retriever may not be the right pick.

 Dogs are beloved family members you'll appreciate for years. You should care for them, but don't treat them like darling children. 

 Aggression, fear, barking, self-destructive behavior, urine marking, chasing, overactivity, and predation should be addressed immediately to prevent further development.

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Vets will vaccinate and examine your puppies to rule out possible issues.

Don't assume your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel or Beagle will respond the same way simply because you had one as a child or a friend has a great relationship with one. 

 Dogs learn a lot and find their footing via training. You must be patient since everything takes time.

 Understanding and compassion are needed to teach your dog essentials. You must be consistent, patient, and resilient.

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