The Zodiacs Who Explain ‘If You Love Someone, Let Them Go’

This is the saying you hear from elderly relatives when you lament about your partner leaving.  

Twin stars  Conventional wisdom holds that Geminis have a reputation for being choosy in their romantic relationships. 

They might start to distance themselves over something as insignificant as how you eat soup.  

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Zodiac Sign  When a free spirit is present, the fun-loving, exploratory Sagittarius may finally relax and enjoy life. 

When they're in a relationship with someone who is very possessive, they start to feel trapped and fantasize about breaking free.  

Aquarius  Although most Aquarius are very passionate about what they believe in, they can become defensive when their spouse is overly passionate about something. 

No matter how casual they attempt to be, you're making it seem like you're far more invested than they are.  

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