Best whisky for mixing with ginger ale for a classic, refreshing drink

Ginger ale, not ginger beer, pairs well with whiskey cocktails. Good ginger ale is sweeter and less spicy than ginger beer, but it still has that ginger kick we adore.

 Mixed drinks are easy—just add spirit and mixer. But with only two components, what you put in matters. 

When you order a whiskey ginger, most bars, especially dive bars, utilize ginger ale as the mixer. 

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 Cocktail establishments often produce their own ginger mixer, which is stronger and spicier. Ask your bartender what they use.

Ginger ale's strong flavor can mask a bad whiskey, so well whiskey is a bar favorite.

However, if you're making a drink at home or treating yourself, consider which part of whiskey ginger you prefer best. 

They adapted their traditional recipes to fit the local ingredients and the tastes of their non-Italiano customers. 

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