The Most Relatively Peaceful Zodiac Signs

Astrology has a real gift in store for everyone who has ever wanted to know which signs of the zodiac radiate innocence and simplicity. 

Sign of the Pisces We begin with Pisces, the amiable water sign governed by Neptune.  

Imaginative and empathetic, Pisceans are known to drift off into a haze of daydreams.  

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Malignancy We go on to Cancer, the Moon-ruled crab who is known for her loving nature.  

Cancers are the epitome of purity in their nurturing and protective character; they never let their emotions off their chest. 

Sign of Libra Libra, a sign of the air element and the planet Venus, is firmly established as one of the zodiac's most innocent signs. 

Librans exude an idyllic, upbeat energy that others find comforting because of their dedication to maintaining a steady equilibrium. 

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