Strength training moves that outperform push-ups

We know this is just a variant on the push-up, but we can assure you that doing them at an angle is far less challenging than the standard version. 

It's a great substitute for push-ups since it strengthens the same muscular groups—the chest—while weakening the arms and shoulders.  

Also, you may use anything—a wall, some steps, or even a table—all you need.  

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The plank is a great bodyweight exercise that strengthens your core, but it also works your shoulders, legs, forearms, and chest. 

If you're still hell-bent on perfecting your push-up form, the high plank is a great technique to get into the proper position. 

All training programs should incorporate this exercise, regardless of whether you're aiming to build your chest or not. 

Plus, you'll be able to press more weight, which means you'll make greater progress.  

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