Signs of the Zodiac That February Brings Their Karmic Soulmate

One who has been with us in multiple incarnations is considered a karmic mate.   

Sign of Capricorn.  You've likely been so preoccupied with your work that you haven't given any consideration to romantic relationships. 

If you let this experience motivate you to work on self-love and boundaries, you'll be able to handle everything life throws at you.  

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Sign of Aquarius  There has been a recent uptick in your dreams about reincarnation, and you still have no idea who your soulmate is.  

In addition to your karmic partner, the stars indicate that you will soon reunite with your twin flame or a healthy soulmate.  

Sign of the Leo  Some big change is on the horizon, and you might have experienced prophetic dreams or felt a pull in your intuition about it. 

Someone with whom you appear to be in continual contact and who pays special attention to your requirements.  

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