Quick and Easy Recipes Using Canned Goods

Because I usually have all the ingredients on hand, this classic ambrosia salad recipe is always part of my last-minute menu planning.  

Compared to store-bought boxed rice mixes, my simple Spanish rice is far superior. 

And the best part is that it takes about the same amount of time to prepare as those "quick and easy" boxes.  

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Over noodles, a flavorful tomato gravy coats the pork, which is cooked in a flash and tastes delicious.  

Compared to the usual pork roast, it's a pleasant variation. As a side dish, I usually put some broccoli or green beans with it. 

I can't help but make extra of this nutritious Moroccan chickpea stew 

whenever I get an invitation to a potluck so that everyone can enjoy a taste of something new and exciting.  

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