Lovely Bulldog Breeds to Add to Your Family

Bulldogs are easily recognizable by their characteristic wrinkles, cute stocky bodies, and adorable compressed "sour mug" faces. 

Adopting a puppy from one of the many bulldog breeds is likely to be a match made in heaven 

if you follow numerous accounts featuring adorable French or American bulldogs. 

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A bulldog's distinctive muscular body, pushed-in nose, tiny ears, and rolling movement are traits shared by all bulldog breeds.  

They can be found with short, silky coats of varying hues. Some dog breeds are really little, while others can be considered enormous. 

Despite their propensity of cuddling up on your lap, bulldogs are active dogs that benefit from modest exercise.  

However, many people would be content with an apartment in the city or a house in the country with a backyard.  

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