Love These Hearty Dishes? I Bet You're From The South!

Even though burgers and fries are the quintessential American dish, the USA is a huge nation.  

When you visit the South, you won't miss a single one of these 30 legendary dishes! 

The Southern summertime staple of a sliced, breaded, fried tomato with a dipping sauce is the not-quite-ripe tomato.  

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In addition to being a snack on its own, this cuisine can be used as a topping for burgers or as a side dish. 

Plus, it gives cooks a way to transform uncooked ingredients into a tasty treat, which means no food goes to waste.  

Add some remoulade-like spiced mayonnaise sauce, known as return sauce, to make it really Southern. 

This is more than just a Kathy Bates movie.  However, a decent buttermilk ranch will do in an emergency. 

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