Looking for vitamin E benefits?

 Due to America's low-fat diet fixation, healthy people are lacking in some fats. Immunity, cognitive function, hormone balance, and antioxidant power require these fats. 

Research suggests that 88.5% of Americans don't obtain enough vitamin E naturally. That's concerning given medical debate over vitamin E supplementation's safety. 

 Fat-soluble vitamin E improves immunological, skin, and eye health.

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 It's a powerful antioxidant "and may protect your cells from the effects of free radicals

 Vitamin E aids the immune system "in keeping blood vessels working at their best," says Mayo Clinic registered dietitian nutritionist Kate Zeratsky.

While much is unclear about vitamin-E's additional health advantages, some study suggests it may help prevent cognitive decline and dementia and reduce anxiety and despair.

A half an hour and your stovetop are all that's needed for this easy recipe.  

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