In Honor of All the Overworked Zodiac Signs

The tendency to overextend oneself is present in every zodiac sign. 

Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces are overworked because they care deeply about providing for those they hold dear. 

While it's true that any zodiac sign might be overly ambitious at times, it's important to keep in mind that work shouldn't consume your life.  

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Never feel like you have to do anything every single minute of the day.  

Make sure to carve out some time for yourself to relax, unwind, and enjoy life to the fullest, without any obligations whatsoever. 

To take pauses is not to be slothful. It's referred to as taking care of oneself.  

Finding your limits is what it's called. Doing what's best for you in the long term is what it's called. 

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