If you're looking for a loyal canine companion, look no further.

Bulldogs may look fierce at times, but they're actually rather mellow and gentle, making them wonderful pets. 

Their 50-pound frame doesn't stop them from being a beloved lap dog! 

When you think of amiable and loyal family pets, golden retrievers are likely at the top of your mind.  

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These dogs have a long tradition of being devoted companions that are both energetic and fearless on the hunt. 

Huge family dogs (excellent with kids!) these smart, self-assured puppies are loyal to their people and will never betray them to other canines. 

The first German shepherds were selected to be the ideal working dogs for their human owners; you might know Rin Tin Tin from his appearances on television.  

Beagles are little canines that are historically used as hunting companions. They are very devoted, humorous, and expressive. 

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