Benefits of Eating Eggs Daily

Eggs' nutritional status has fluctuated for a decade. One day they're healthy, the next they're causing heart disease, and the next they're "the perfect protein". 

Despite their popularity, their health has been debated. The main culprit is cholesterol. Let's look into whether or not the cholesterol in eggs is beneficial, bad, or somewhere in between.

Long ago, eggs were healthy. After heart disease became the main cause of mortality worldwide, eggs got a bad rap. This is because eggs, especially yolks, contain cholesterol.

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Studies imply that eggs' detrimental effects may be due to other high-fat, high-cholesterol items eaten alongside them. Examples: processed, fried, cheese, and yogurt.

As noted, the number of eggs you should take daily is personal. This depends on your family, genetics, food, egg preparation, and location, as eggs vary in nutritional value.

Despite the cholesterol debate, eggs are nutritious. Egg whites are high in protein. Some people exclusively eat egg whites because of this.

Greek or normal yogurt may help your waistline. Harvard studied approximately 120,000 people for a decade. Yogurt was the most weight-loss-related food.

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