February Ushers in a New Era for Zodiac Signs

Find the perfect lap and dramatic paint colors that will make you feel and look brand new.  

LEO  Leo, there are times when we anticipate a new chapter in our lives to be orderly and simple, but in reality, things are often far from that. 

A fresh chapter in one's life can sometimes totally flip the script on an earlier one.  

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The Gemini  This new phase of your life that begins in February continues a theme that began a long time ago. 

You can pick up exactly where you left off; the choice is yours.  

The name Saittarius Things that were "brand new" before will start to feel more familiar as you enter a new chapter in your life this month, Sagittarius.  

Like in a good survival show, you've built your shelter and now it's time to add those creature amenities; this chapter is about committing to what you've built. 

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