Every Dog Owner Makes 7 Mistakes

 Many dog owners don't realize you must register the microchip with your name and current contact information for it to work. 

Gilbreath advises against putting your dog in a position with another dog to “make friends” because many dogs are not.

She advises introducing the dogs on neutral ground, leashing them, and having plenty of treats to reward good behavior.

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 It's hard to resist Fido's begging looks at dinner, but Gilbreath warns that feeding him human food is harmful. 

"You'd think your dog wouldn't eat your flowers, but vets see many cases each year." Keep flowers out of reach and know which plants are poisonous to dogs.

 Pet-free poinsettia signs appear annually. Gilbreath believes the festive red plant's sap may irritate your dog's mouth and stomach and induce vomiting, despite the hoopla.

They adapted their traditional recipes to fit the local ingredients and the tastes of their non-Italiano customers. 

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