Worst Kidney Foods

Especially dark beverages like colas are high in artificial phosphorus. Strong bones require phosphorous, which healthy kidneys can filter out from meals.

Ultra-processed frozen dinners are convenient but high in salt. “These meals often have over 1,000 milligrams of sodium per serving.

Kidney disease and high blood pressure patients should limit sodium consumption to 1,500 mg per day.

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Fast food is heavy in saturated fat, sugar, and calories but lacking in nutrition. 

Not all cheeses are alike. Some processed cheeses aren't real cheese if you read the labeling. 

Even small portions of these cheeses can introduce significant amounts of sodium and unnecessary phosphorus to your body, which is not ideal for kidney hea,lth.

Protein is essential for cell growth and repair. But too much is possible. An excessive diet of animal protein might strain the kidneys.

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