Dogs with sick stomachs: feeding advice

Since your dog loves chicken and will eat it, shredded chicken and white rice is a simple option. 

 "A mix of boiled, unadulterated chicken (excluding the skin) and plaint white rice can offer a gentle remedy," explains PetMe Twice founder Dr. Rachel Newton. 

While white rice has less nutrients than brown, it's blander and simpler to digest, making it better for upset stomachs. Cheap, easy, and a pantry staple, you may already have it.

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Dogs love plain puréed pumpkin for tummy relief. It's good to feed your dog after they vomit, especially if they have irregular or harmful bowel motions.

"Pure canned pumpkin (ensure it's not the dessert variety) is a wise choice," Dr. Newton. "It has substantial fiber content, which aids in stabilizing your dog's digestive movements." 

Please only feed your dog pumpkin flesh, not the rind or seeds. Pumpkin pie filling may appear like canned pumpkin but contain harmful sweeteners like xylitol. 

Spices, in general, are beneficial in that they usually contain high levels of antioxidants, so avoiding all spices is not necessary.

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