Courageous Zodiacs Who Thrive in the Face of Difficult Truths

Worrying that you won't have a life preserver on hand can cause you to use more energy when you really need it.  

VIRGO  Virgo, you dwell on sorrowful thoughts frequently, and the majority of them are grounded in truth. 

Take stock of the bleak reality and devise a suitable strategy. You won't have to sink your toes into the muck if you can see it. 

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Scorpio, you seem to be forgetting all the things for which you should be grateful.  

What you've been through in the past is far more difficult than whatever is bothering you now.  

A variety of You give it your best in every situation, Aries; the trouble is, not all conflicts are worth it. 

You can't make everyone happy. Some debates don't add value to your life. 

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