Best Cheap Eat in Every State

Saw's Soul Kitchen serves amazing barbecue pork and chicken, according to reviewers. Sandwiches start at $ and you can add slaw for 50 cents. 

Arctic Roadrunner is an Anchorage institution, and most reviewers agree the halibut burger ($11) is top-notch.  

The Baja Sur baby shark taco ($7) at La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop in Phoenix is a mouthful to say, but don't hesitate to order it. 

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Known for its sauces, including a special volcano sauce for spice lovers, the Whole Hog Cafe has some of the top-ranked barbecue and three locations in Little Rock. 

The data-driven site FiveThirtyEight once analyzed more than 67,000 burrito joints before conducting an awe-inspiring taste test of 84 of the best burritos in America. 

The Mile High City's growing Vietnamese population has spiced up the local restaurant scene. Pho 95 is a leading purveyor of pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup.  

Known as the birthplace of the hamburger, Louis' Lunch (established in 1895) is famous for burgers served on toast.  

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