Eat Brussels Sprouts Often

Brussels sprouts are vitamin K-rich. Vitamin K helps blood coagulate and prevents excessive bleeding after injury.

 Brussels are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that repairs tissue. Vitamin C increases collagen formation, making skin recover faster and smoother.

Brussels sprouts' vitamin K content strengthens bones anew. Vitamin K is crucial to bone growth. Several vitamin-k-dependent proteins mineralize, turnover, and calcify bone. 

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Fiber-rich meals like brussels sprouts may reduce colon cancer risk, suggest experts. They can also lower the risk of oral, pharynx, larynx, esophageal, lung, and stomach cancers. 

Besides vitamin C, brussels sprouts contain several phytochemicals. These bioactive chemicals boost immunity, reduce inflammation, and detoxify naturally.

Brussels sprouts add little calories to any meal. Their high fiber content helps you feel full without eating too much. Plant-based diets also lower leptin levels. Too-high leptin levels confuse the brain's satiety signs, making you eat more.

Greek or normal yogurt may help your waistline. Harvard studied approximately 120,000 people for a decade. Yogurt was the most weight-loss-related food.

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